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Open Wave- Purple

Open Wave- Purple

These earrings were a fun expression of childhood memories, colors, and ideas. I remember my mom’s and aunts earring collection, being so big and fun. 

These earrings are big statement stud pieces, smaller earring measuring 3.25 in. in length and 1.75 in width (widest part).

Made with polymer clay and silver ear backings.


Note: There is one inventory in this item so everything will be in pre-order, and I will be making and sending them out as the orders come in. This item has a 15 business days fulfillment time+ shipping and handling. Due to the handmade nature of each item, expect slight variations! Each earring will differ slightly as far as the shape goes since they are hand cut. You will no doubt receive a beautiful pair of earrings that will resemble the photo shown, albeit not exactly.

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The earrings are made with silver backings and polymer clay.


Dimensions W x L : 1.75 in3.25 in

Care Instructions

They are flexible so they will have a little bend to them, but please avoid bending them in a harsh manner. After use please wipe down gently with a wet wipe the back of the earrings to remove excess oils.
Store them in a dry place.

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